Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand – How We Came Up With The Travel Plan

It was an early Sunday morning. As I planned to do some preparation of our upcoming Chiang Mai trip, I turned on my computer and randomly typed in ‘Things to do in Chiang Mai’ in Google search bar. That’s when I started losing track of time…

Two weeks before we left Shanghai for Thailand, I pretty much spent an entire day looking into the things we could do in Chiang Mai. Why an entire day? Because there’re SO MUCH stuff to do, and I was having a hard time to filter out some of the activities. They all seem very cool! :-D

The List

Therefore, a list was created. I could still go on with the list but since we only had a short amount of time in Chiang Mai (5 full days), I stopped right there – learn to cook Thai food (not for this time, eating is priority. :P) Here we go - had to do some filtering…

  • Thai food!!!! (first thing first!)
  • Thai massage (equally important as eating)
  • Elephant riding
  • Zip line
  • White Water Rafting
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • bamboo rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Night Market
  • Horseback riding
  • Chiang Mai city exploring
  • Tiger touching
  • Kayaking
  • Learn cook Thai food

Wish we had enough time to do everything though. Anyway, hope our list will give you a general idea of what you can do in Chiang Mai, Thailand and you don’t have to do any filtering! :-)


I love going on Agoda to look for places to stay whereas Han likes to check on Airbnb when it comes to travel. We usually compare our search results and decide which one to book from. This time, there were more options on Agoda. Speaking of which, they not only offer very competitive prices but add points to my account by successful booking and writing reviews after stay. The points I collected from my previous booking was worth of USD25.00. I got it all deducted from our Chiang Mai accommodation fee. Even CHEAPER! Great! :-D

There are basically two popular areas in Chiang Mai for short-term stay. One is inside the old city where multiple temples are located, fulfilled with Chiang Mai’s history and culture. The other one is Night Bazaar area locates at east of the old city, close to the Night Market. Since Han and I are both templed-out, we picked a discount hotel – Mandala House which locates in the Night Bazaar area with easy access to both the old city and the night market. Pretty good location. There are tons of hotels around this area.

See the little red dot in the map? That’s where we stayed.
Wikitravel always provides detailed travel guides for places all over the world. We got a basic knowledge of Chiang Mai from Chiang Mai Travel Guide, plus our little travel plan, great! One more thing, booked elephant training course and mountain biking plus zip line tour online in advance. All set! Good to go! Couldn’t wait!

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