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Elephant Tour – Elephant Training Course Booking

When we were coming up with our Chiang Mai travel plan, we found out that some of the activities such as elephant training was required to book online in advance because they only accept a certain amount of visitors in one day. Therefore, we booked the course in Shanghai two weeks before taking off. The booking process was pretty easy. Let me share some information with you.

Choosing The Right Elephant Park

There are actually a good amount of elephant parks offering similar elephant training courses in Thailand. After doing some comparison, we picked Baanchang Elephant Park for the stuff they teach visitors about elephants and the diverse course selections with reasonable prices. Later on, after the day with the elephants in the park , it’s proved that we absolutely chose the right one!

How To Book, Pay And Confirm

Simply hit the BOOK NOW button at the end of the chosen course through their website -

One day elephant mahout training (2 persons with 1 elephant, join tour) was the course that we selected. Sharing 1 elephant is actually pretty sweet, especially for couples. Also that’s the cheapest one (2400 baht equals to USD80/person), very reasonable for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Next step is to fill out the online form with the requested information after booking the course. While I was filling my address, interestingly, there’s no China to be found in the column of  ‘Country’. In fact, the choices of countries are pretty limited on their website. We ended up using Han’s address. If you encounter the same problem, try to email them directly.

Shortly after submitting the form, we received an email from the park to confirm about the visitors, date and pick-up place with a time range. The booking wasn’t completed until we paid the total amount through PayPal after receiving the payment request link. But if you don’t have a PayPal account, no worries. They accept credit card as well.

The  final confirmation letter with an attached confirmation form was sent to us after paying. They requested to print out the form and bring it with us on the actual day but we forgot, so I saved an electronic version in my phone.  It’s actually not a big deal at all. They picked us up on time on the actual day at our hotel only by confirming our names. No additional documentation was required.

That’s the whole booking process with Baanchang Elephant Park. Hope it’s helpful if you would like to learn about elephants, feed them with your own hands, give them a bath in the water, ride them in the jungle with the same park. All you need is to carry your animal loving heart! :-)

Want to know what exactly it’s like in the park? See how we spent the day with the elephants. Enjoy!

Talk soon!

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