Chiang Mai

Flight of the Gibbon – Lunch & The Waterfall

For some reason, we felt that time in Thailand goes really slowly, a lot slower than anywhere else we have been to. It felt like that it’s already evening when we arrived at the restaurant across the office for lunch after flying around in the rainforest for 3 hours. Couldn’t believe that it’s only lunch time!

They Asked Us To Complain

Music was on, tables were all set, waiters and waitresses were expecting us friendly when we entered into the restaurant with two lunch tickets given by Donatello. The people from the same group were arranged to sit together. By the way, they have special arrangements for vegetarians. If you have any special preference, just let your greeter’s know.

Food was exactly the same as the homestay dinner also tasted good as the same.

The live local band in the restaurant.

Couple of dollars for a cup of organic coffee.

That was another fulfilling meal. As we were wiping the tasty Thai curry off our mouths, the waitress came by and handed us each a survey form with the title of ‘Please Complain‘. That’s interesting! We tried to complain but it’s hard! :-P

The Beautiful Waterfall

Compared to the thrilling ziplining experience in the morning, the sound of the waterfall kind of brought us back to peace. It’s a nice place to shoot some photos and relax.

No one we met there seemed to know how much further this waterfall could take us into. Guess not a lot people make it to the top since there were a lot of stairs to climb. We got asked constantly about how long the trail was on the way down. My guess was that we only finished one third of the trail. However, that was good enough for the day! :-)

Some of the stairs are actually pretty steep. 

A Chinese couple took this photo for us right before we headed back to our hotel.

That’s our entire experience of Gibbon on Wheels. What can I say? It’s just too much fun to handle in two days! Hope you enjoyed it!

Hmm… Enough about the outdoor activities for now.  It’s probably time to get to know the old city of Chiang Mai a bit! Stay tuned. Be right back…

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