Chiang Mai

Flight Of The Gibbon – The Homestay

When we biked to the lake just as what Master explained about the itinerary back in the office in the morning, our mission had been successfully accomplished! Bravo! Exhausted but more importantly, it became one of these unforgettable days in our life! It’s time to get some quality rest at the homestay!

What does a cultural homestay look like in Thailand? With our curiosity, Tata brought us into it. It’s about 2 minutes walk from the drop-off place where we met up for zip line on the next day. An amiable old lady was expecting us in front of a two-story local house. Tata introduced her to us as the host of the house. We self-introduced in English and she nodded her head with a big smile on her face.

Tata was leading us to the homestay.

The schedule for the night was fairly simple – dinner at 7:00pm and thai massage at 8:30pm. THAI MASSAGE! Yay! So looking forward to it, especially after biking for 18 km in the mountain. It sounded exactly what we needed to make a perfect closure for the day!

Tata took off and left us with the host. She showed us around the house using basically only body language to explain things. It still worked out but we wish we could speak some Thai so that she could understand how grateful we were to stay in her own house.

Taking off our dirty shoes and socks before entering the house.

A full sight of where we stayed – a two-story local house in the mountain

Settling Down

The house was apparently built a long time ago. It looked like that the host and her husband had lived there for decades. We sort of learned about her family according to all the family photos on the wall. The host showed us our room on the second floor. There was this cute little mirror on the door of the room and some toys inside. We figured that must be one of her kid’s room back in the day since these toys seemed to be at the same place for quite a while.

Our room

The bathroom was on the first floor to the right. The host kindly provided us two clean towels as it’s pretty obvious that we needed a shower pretty much right away. The shower in the house was actually a little better than we expected. The water temperature couldn’t go as high as I wanted but it was good enough to wash off the sweat and mud on my body.

The shower in the bathroom.

Here’s another corner of the bathroom.

The Home-made Dinner

We were starving after the quick shower. The host came to our room and informed us that the dinner was ready. Great timing! We followed her out of the house. The dining room was actually separated from the house which located across the alley. Dinner table for two of us was neatly set up in the small patio.

The little dining patio across the house.

The host kept adding food into the plates. We used our body language to let her know it was delicious and we were very full.

Curry chicken with potato, fried egg and pork for dinner. Nothing fancy but very homey tasting.

Thai Massage

8:30pm! It’s massage time! It’s super sweet to have a massage at this point but that’s not the best part! The best part was that they SENT THE MASSEUSES TO THE HOUSE!!!! We found about it in the hard way though. We thought we had to go somewhere to get the massage at 8:30pm, so we wandered around in the darkness and nobody was out there. By the time we came back to the house, two masseuses were already at the living room setting up the tatami. Sweet!!!! And stupid us! haha

The thai massage was absolutely incredible! No words could be used to suitably describe how great it was. Within that magical one hour, it felt like the masseuse somehow gently teared my body apart and put it back together at the end, only better than it used to be. Furthermore, that was not the normal thai massage we could get in the city, not only because it’s only 120 baht per person (USD6.00/person) but because we got to listen to their local chitchat and TV shows at the same time. Even though we had no idea of what they were talking about, it was just an interesting way to get a massage! Lol~

Sorry, too busy enjoying the massage. No photos for this part. :-P

Can you image how soundly we slept that night, except that there was a roaster giving a very very effective and unexpected morning call at god knows how early it was…

Leaving For Zipline

7:00am in the morning, the host sat us down at the dining table with a big breakfast on it. She even sat down with us watching us to eat. It would be nice to be able to communicate with her though.

Considering the event we were about to attend, a nutritious big breakfast was totally necessary!

Breakfast. There’s more food coming…

Saying goodbye to the super nice host!

The host saw us off after the breakfast. We were all up and ready for Flight Of Gibbon in this bright shiny day!!! Looking forward to it? You should be! :-)

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