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Flight Of The Gibbon – Ziplining In The Rainforest

Are you a thrill seeker and nature lover too? If you are (I assume you are since you are reading this blog right now), this zip line tour I am about to tell you absolutely HIT THE SPOT for our entire Chiang Mai trip! Before I take you into the tropical rainforest, imagine yourself as a gibbon jumping and swinging between the treetops, overseeing the rainforest from a very high altitude. What do you see through a gibbon’s eyes?! Got what the name implies now? :-) That’s my understanding though. You might have a different insight after learning more about the background story of The Flight of the Gibbon!

OK! Where were we at last time? Oh, right! We were at the homestay expressing our gratefulness to the host after she fed us with a nice breakfast.

Early in the morning wandering around the office.

7:30 am in the morning, the office wasn’t even open yet. We two little early birds might have been a little too excited. Well, we took the time to check out the surroundings.

The outdoor restaurant across the office.

The Office

About 10 minutes later, motobikes and vans started pulling over in front of the office. All of sudden, the place was popping with staff and customers. Obviously, most of the customers were sent here via arranged vans from their hotels in Chiang Mai city. A Few customers like us didn’t have to get up that early because we stayed over night right here, plus the authentic homestay, plus the sent-to-door fantastic Thai massage, they certainly provided REAL value for the two-day trip package of Gibbon On Wheels! Oh oh, almost forget to mention that sometimes they offer one-night free hotel with zip line package, depends on how lucky you are! :-P

The first thing caught my eyes in the office when it’s opened was the numerous gears hanging on the wall. We were soon geared up here like true nerds by their well trained staff. Also, whatever their marketing team does, they are doing a fantastic job to promote Flight of the Gibbon. You will see their astonishing advertisement everywhere in the city. It’s hard to not to know about them when you are in Thailand, not to mention that they work with other great activity partners to combine their service with more value adding! Very impressive!

Opened for business!

Preparation & Gearing Up

First things first – paperwork and payment!

We were invited to fill out the paperwork at the gift shop/juice bar right next to the office. When Mark, a Thai looking native English speaker was explaining the itinerary to us, the waiter from the juice bar served us with this rose-red beverage in glasses. I believe Bael fruit ice tea is what it was if I remember correctly. Never had it before and that’s something you won’t forget once you try it. :-)

Paid for the two-day package in cash back in the office. Our online booking price was 4900 baht/person (USD164/person) which was pretty reasonable. But I have also heard that if you ask your hotel concierge to book the tour, the price might be even cheaper.

Before putting our bags and everything (Literally everything – you don’t want your cell phone, coins or keys to fly around in the forest) from our pockets in the locker, we were seriously debating whether or not to bring the DSLR with us. Glad we didn’t! A point shoot with video taping function should be more than enough!

Getting geared up was like doing a security check at the airport before getting into the sky, even FASTER! The staff was so skilled that everything was set within 2 minutes, maximum! Not even enough time for a small chitchat.

Helmets, harnesses, carabiners are all from Petzl. Good stuff! 

Each guide who’s also called Sky Ranger there has his own helmet with his name printed on it. It’s really a smart thing to do because that’s how I remember our main guide’s name Donatello! He’s simply the BEST!!!!

Into The Rainforest

After a few minutes trekking in the forest, we arrived at a training platform where Donatello presented what to do, what not to do and how to keep safe when ziplining in the most entertaining way! My favorite quote from him, ‘Superman is on vacation today, so don’t expect him to come and save you!’  

We had another down-to-earth guide called Vaen (also knew his name from his helmet). Vaen was not as talkative as Donatello but the two of them together made a BLAST out of the tour!

Donatello and Vaen were checking on everyone’s gear again! These guys do know how to entertain customers. They also know more and focus more on SAFETY!!!

Flight of the Gibbon STARTS 

We started off easy. The distance between the first two platforms is very short. OK, cool! Had a little taste about the zip line. Now what? Wait for it! It only gets longer and longer, higher and higher!!! They managed to build up 33 platforms in the jungle including 2 honeymoon platforms (super sweet) and 2 abseiling platforms.

Okie dokie! Enough writing (for me) and reading (for you). Now it’s SHOW TIME!!!

Starts from this moment, a zip line virgin was not a virgin anymore!

One of the sky bridge. Dare to look down?

Water’s provided during the tour. 

The namesake Gibbon! This was one of a few moments that we wish we had brought the DSLR…

Our carabiners were locked like this in every step of the way!

Hope this gives you a better idea of the sweet honeymoon zip line. Sorry for the blurry photo though…

Whoever built this did an incredible job!


One last platform!

With Vaen on the left and Donatello on the right.

———- The End ———

What did you say? The show was too short?! Haha…highly recommend you to experience it yourself. That was actually pure net 3 hours great time in the eco-system.

In fact, we have a little present for you! Check out the bonus video below (Please excuse my crappy recording and editing skills for now – couldn’t have done it without Youtube Video Editor though.)

Oh, by the way, I was kidding!!! Our journey….NEVER ENDS! :-D

We will see you at lunch and don’t miss out the gorgeous waterfall!

P.S. They have a professional photographer shooting photos of the exciting moments for everyone near the end of the tour. Quality stuff! You can purchase them back in their office. 300 baht for a small hard copy of 3 or 4 selected photos together, 700 baht for a big one and 1000 baht for all your photos with a U drive.

P.P.S. All the photos in our blog were taken by ourselves. :-P

If you are up to some thrilling fun in a tropical gorgeous rainforest in Thailand, Flight of the Gibbon is literally THE BEST choice! Absolutely fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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