Chiang Mai

Gibbon On Wheels – Mountain Biking & Flight of The Gibbon

What Is Gibbon On Wheels?

Gibbon On Wheels is a two-day trip package of mountain biking on the first day and zip line (Flight of the Gibbon) on the second day including one-night cultural home stay in a local house at the mountain. Interesting name,huh?! Absolutely amazing experience!

How We Found Out About It?

As we were looking into zip line when we were doing the research in our studio in Shanghai two weeks before our Chiang Mai trip. It was not until I found out about Treetop Asia (They offer tours including zip line with other alternatives from Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya) than we decided to go for one of these two-day tours.  Treetop Asia cooperates with some selected partners to create combined multi-day tours for outdoorsy travelers like us. :-)  Besides zip line – Flight of the Gibbon, if you happen to be interested in one other activity like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, golf or mountain biking as what we did, we would highly recommend you to look into Treetop Asia based on our own awesome experience with them!!!

So other than Flight of the Gibbon which is included in every single multi-day tour, we picked mountain biking as our plan, which you will see what exactly it’s like mountain biking in Chiang Mai starting from the fulfilling preparation, training in the mountain, actual biking in the mountain to the perfect ending. Oh man! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out! It’s some great fun I am talking about here during the unforgettable experience. By unforgettable, it actually includes a couple of bruises on my ass. BUT totally worth it! :-D

Easy Booking

We chose Chiang Mai as the place we would like to book from on the page of multi-day trips from -

Simply clicked ‘Book Now‘ under Gibbon On Wheels package. The website immediately led us to fill out the information form. Upon submission, an greeting email with detailed arrangements was sent to me the next day asking if everything sounded good to us. Pretty sweet! It sounded fantastic! I went ahead and replied with our satisfaction and excitement. A final confirmation email showed up in my inbox soon after our response. That’s it! No payment in advance is necessary.

Pay In Cash On The Spot

Couple of emails were all we needed to book the package. They don’t accept credit card yet, at least not through online booking. So we were asked to bring cash with us on the tour. For multi-day trip packages, payment is handled on the day with Flight of the Gibbon which is the organizer of all the packages.

Can’t wait to tell you about how amazing mountain biking and Flight of the Gibbon were! Stayed tuned! We will hit on that soon!

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