Chiang Mai

Mountain Biking IV – Lunch At The Lake

It’s such an ease feeling to bike on the concrete again. Compared to what we just went through in the mountain with the intense, nervousness, difficulties and most importantly the hardcore FUN, being able to bike while enjoying the scene at the lake without thinking about falling was like the best reward to me! Such a great feeling!!!!

Would be nice to swim in the lake but we were pretty worn out. 

Everyone we met in the office early this morning were gathered at the lake. We returned our bikes, helmets,  pads, gloves including my T-shirt that Master lent to me (didn’t smell good anymore) to the staff who’s expecting us beside the trucks.  The bikers, hikers and trainers couldn’t stop sharing about what they experienced back in the mountain. Let’s get some cold beer to celebrate! We deserved it!

Cheers, man!

Lunch was served shortly after we arrived. It was simply some chickens with beans but it’s soooooo yummy! I killed two plates of them. :-P

Our lunch was brought to this little thatched cottage where we could eat facing the beautiful lake. :-)

By the way, there were unfortunately lots of flies around the place. Please don’t let the flies eat your lunch before you do. 

View at the lake!

Trucks were all ready. We hopped into the back and soon we were back in the civilized city. It was quite a journey!

Trucks were all set. Ready to leave.

Back to the office again. Other than the Jewish family and us two who booked the two-day package of Gibbon On Wheels, the rest of the teammates were arranged in a separate van to their hotels. Thanks to everyone who made our journey so wonderful!

The boys from our team! Daniel is the second one from the right.

Not sure how long we slept in the van. Probably an hour. By the time we woke up, we were already at the office of Flight Of The Gibbon, from which Tata warmly greeted us and led us to the cultural homestay in the mountain. The journey continues…

Mountain biking was the most challenging activity we attended in Chiang Mai yet it's one of the most exciting ones which will surely last in our memories for a life time!

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