The Last Day & Stuff We Noticed About Beijing

We arranged our last day in Beijing to see Tian’anmen Square and Forbidden City which are not something you should miss when you are in Beijing, either for the magnificent architecture or for historical culture. The recommended time for visiting these two places together really depends on individual preference. It took us half a day in the morning and we chilled at Beihai Park in the afternoon before heading back to Shanghai.

Photos talk better! :-)

4 days in Beijing was not so long but it’s a good amount of time for us to explore the city and feel the different culture. Overall, Beijing is a place where you can find all metropolitan features as well as adequate historical elements about China through all the places we went to. Which place of Beijing would be your favorite? We vote for the Great Wall. :-)

During the trip, we also noticed some stuff about Beijing. Would like to share with you-

If taking a train is also an option for you, then here are couple of things we noticed at Beijing Railway Station.

  • There are 3 McDonald’s in the same area but none of them has a toilet room. Huh? Interesting. I guess it’s a smart way to decrease their staff’s cleaning workload as the foot traffic at the railway station is huge. Luckily, we did find a public toilet room soon…
  • The closest subway ticket office of Beijing Railway Station is set outside of the station without any automatic machines provided. As a result, there is usually a long line in front of the ticket office. That doesn’t seem to be effective at all. Hmmm…not acceptable. However, it only happens in this particular station. If you go across the pedestrian overpass, another two entrances of the subway station can be easily found. No crazy lines, just a normal subway station.

P.S. There are some pros of taking a train to Beijing instead of plane. It took us 15 hours to go to Beijing from Shanghai by normal fast train. Just slept for one night on the train and arrived in the next morning. Didn’t waste any time on the airport procedure, also didn’t lose a day. Plus it’s so much cheaper (RMB327.00 for lower sleep berth). We chose bullet train on the way back which double the price of a normal fast train but the truth is that it’s not so much nicer except that it’s faster by 3 hours. Wouldn’t recommend. However, high-speed railway would be a different experience since it only takes about 6 hours from Shanghai to Beijing.

Random things -

  • Staff at these scenic spots seems to be less friendly but the people in Beijing are generally nice and helpful.
  • Service at well-known restaurants like Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant was fantastic but with the same fame, Dong Lai Shun hotpot’s service was a bit disappointing based on our experience.
  • Free public toilet rooms are everywhere.
  • Cab drivers sometimes would refuse to give you a ride without telling you the reason.

If you have different experience about Beijing, please leave a comment. Would love to hear from you! We will be heading out soon. More trips are coming up, so stay tuned!

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