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Worldly Travelers Guide Has A Chinese Version Now!

I have been wanting to write about this BADLY for almost a month, ever since Worldly Travelers Guide was officially launched on November 22nd, 2012. Finally it’s time to announce that the Chinese version of Worldly Travelers Guide is now available here at -

xiazouke logo_scaledYup! With a completely different domain name and an extremely ‘sexy’ shrimp! Why shrimp? What on earth does it have anything to do with travel? Well, let me explain and hopefully after learning the background story of the name, things will make sense to you.

Back in the year of 2008, I joined in a hiking club in Shanghai where I met many incredibly great outdoorsy friends and started traveling and hiking around with them. The thing is that no one uses real name in the club. With no creativity of nicknames whatsoever, I threw out my English name Sharon out there in the air. My friend who recommended me to the club shouted out with a nickname after a few seconds. Because the pronunciation of Sharon is very similar to a Chinese word “虾仁” which literally means shrimp meat, my hiking buddies have been calling me “虾仁” ever since then and it’s spread very quickly among my other friends in China.

So…. that’s the travel shrimp right there in the self-designed logo. Make sense now?

Back to the website, except for the language, everything else between Worldly Travelers Guide and Xia Zou Ke is pretty much identical so far. However, later on, we might have some separate content from different perspective for each site in order to meet different requirements from our readers. Just a heads-up!

Oh oh by the way, I have another exciting news for you!

We are heading to Thailand at Christmas Eve for 2 weeks! This time, we are gonna hit on Bangkok, Chiang Mai (yes, again! Can’t get enough of that place!), Phuket, Phi Phi island and maybe one more small island close by. More about Thailand is coming up soon! Stay tuned my friend! It’s going to be a blast!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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