Bangkok With Friends – Recommendations of Food & Night Life

Stef and EricOther than taking my mom to Thailand, there’s another important reason that we planned for this 2-week Thailand trip, which was to be able to celebrate New Year’s in Bangkok with our sweetest friends Stef and Eric from San Francisco but currently living in Shanghai.

Our dearest friends Stef and Eric —————->

While we were traveling at Bangkok and Chiang Mai with my mom (more on Chiang Mai later), they were having their solo relaxing vacation at the beaches in Thailand. We planned to meet up for New Years Eve in Bangkok. At this point, my mom’s plane to Shanghai had taken off…

Alrighty! Now it’s our kiddos’ own time! How did we spend our last two days of 2012? It’s fairly simple – eating, drinking, eating, drinking and of course getting high with friends, I mean by alcohol. :-P

JohnypapaThis post is all about great restaurants, shopping malls and places to hang out in Central Bangkok! Special big thanks to our local awesome friend Johnypapa who runs this insanely popular restaurant Baanying Signature & Second Bar in Bangkok for all the arrangements, recommendations and funsies!

<————- Johnypapa (facebook profile photo)

Let’s get started right away!

Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok

We were arranged in Swissotel Nai Lert Park by Johnypapa for two nights at a special rate. You know what we loved about this hotel? Their BREAKFAST and SWIMMING POOL! No photos from the breakfast because we were busy stuffing our mouths with all sorts of utmost prepared food after early morning exercise at the pool. If you are looking for 5-star hotels to stay in Bangkok, Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel would be a great choice. Don’t miss out their pepper cheese at the breakfast. Too good!

Swimming pool at Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel at night

swimming pool at Swissotel

Terminal 21

Han calling Eric This well-developed shopping mall locates very close to BTS Asok Station. We went there on the 30th of December, 2012 after seeing off my mom at the airport. Stef and Eric were flying to Bangkok from Phuket that night. We wanted to contact them but both of our phones were out of battery. There’s only one solution – gotta find some place has wifi. So we swung by this shopping mall with the only purpose of getting in touch with our friends via my Nexus 7 at the first place.

Han calling Eric via Skype by Nexus 7. Ghetto but it worked.  

In order to have wifi access, just bring your passport to the concierge at the first floor to register. You will get a username and password for free.

We ended up watching Life of Pi at the cinema in the mall and learnt that everyone needs to stand up and quietly pay respects to the King of Thailand before any movie starts. Well, that was interesting but good to know. By the way, highly recommend the movie!

Here’s our itinerary on the last day of 2012!

Siam Square 

Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment area in the Siam District (BTS Skytrain to Siam Station). The area connects to other shopping centres by sky bridge, such as Siam Paragon where we had a fantastic Thai feast!

Siam Square

Cafe Chilli @ Siam Paragon

Cafe Chilli, a great Thai restaurant recommended by Johnypapa, locates on the Ground Floor of Siam Paragon Shopping Center. This was only half of the dishes we ordered. We destroyed everything!

Cafe Chilli

Freshy Freeze @ Central World

The freshest ice cream in the world EVER! They make ice creams in front of you FROM SCRATCH! Must try!!!

freshy freeze

Here are the kiddos I spent the epic NYE with. Let me do a quick introduction. Starting from the left, you know him, that’s my love Han, Jeff who’s Eric’s best buddy and his gorgeous girlfriend Debbie, handsome Eric in the middle, lovely Stef sat right next to him and the one on the right is our awesome Johnypapa!


The Ultimately Epic New Year’s Eve @ Baanying Signature & Second Bar

After leaving Freshy Freeze, we separated to prepare for the night. Johnypapa went to meet his friend. Jeff and Debbie decided to go back to the hotel for a nap. The left four of us went shopping because Stef needed a dress and I needed a pair of shoes for the meaningful night. Can’t really wear sneakers or flip-flops for NYE, right?

Around 8 pm, we all showed up at Johnypapa’s restaurant Baanying Signature & Second Bar where the awesomeness began! The first floor is the actual restaurant part, completely packed! The second floor is the bar area. Johnypapa was already waiting for us…

secret drinkDinner first of course. As we were waiting for food, Johnypapa brought us this secret drink (see the photo on the right). It’s hard to tell what it was at the beginning. The secret is that the real drink was hiding inside the round glass with dry ice at the bottom. Drinking while the dry ice subliming, sweet!

Stef sipping the secret drink


Guess what this is! Lemon Jelly? Close but not really! This is Jelly SHOTS inside a lemon! Our minds were blown away…

lemon jelly shots

And this …


Ok, I know up till now, I have only been talking about the booze. It’s just so good! For more about this Baanying Restaurant, why don’t you just take a look at the photo stream by clicking the link below. You will love it!

It’s so close to the middle night now…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The entire Bangkok city was celebrating with fireworks in the sky! Hugging, dancing, kissing, laughing, the air in the restaurant was full of love and excitement, for the new year, for new challenges, for life!

Our night’s not over. What’s next? Clubbing time!

Yup! Massive hangover on the next day! Thank you everyone for the fantastic night and a brand new start in 2013!!!! Where to start with? The answer is Phuket!

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