The Day With The Snakes

We were originally thinking about going to see one of the floating markets in Bangkok. In order to avoid the travel group crowd, it was suggested that we should arrive before 9 am, otherwise there would be a massive traffic jam. Since the floating market locates really far from the city plus I learnt that there’s too much taxi scams online and taking a bus there one-way is going to take 2 hours, three of us were all reluctant. Getting up at 5 am in the morning after wandering around at Asiatique for a few hours the night before just didn’t seem to be a good idea at this point. So plan changed!

What should we do for the 2nd day in Bangkok with mom? It’s all up to mom! We gave her a few options including Chinatown, snake park and MBK Center etc. She surprisingly picked the snake park. It turned out to be a very remarkable day for her in a hilarious way…

Here we go!

Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm

According to the instructions, this snake farm is the second biggest one in the world (the first one is in Brazil). Because there are more than 200 different species of snakes in Thailand, they study snakes in order to prevent the danger and know how to deal with snake bites.

The snake farm has served as educational organization about snake for public, tourists, government and private organization, school and university in order to understand snakes habit and improve attitude on snakes.

Click the image below to see the location in Google Maps.

snake park location

 We took MRT to Silom Station and walked over there. The snake farm is in The Thai Red Cross Society.

Thai Red Cross Society

red cross society

Admission fee is 200 baht for adults and 50 baht for children. Tickets include snake performances. Here’s the schedule -

Monday – Friday (except extra holidays)

  • 11:00 am – Venom extraction
  • 2:30 pm – Snake handling

For weekends and extra holidays, they only have one performance a day, which is Snake Handling at 11 am.

The snake farm entrance

Snake Farm

We didn’t make it for the Venom extraction show in the morning. But the good thing is that one ticket allows you to go in and out for however many times you want on the day you purchase it. So we decided to take really close look at the snakes in the cages first and come back in the afternoon to watch the show.

There are 35 species of living snakes inside the farm.

Since the largest park in central Bangkok Lumphini Park is very close by, after lunch, we chilled at the park before heading back to the snake farm to watch the show.

View at Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park

Demonstration of Snake Handling

Show time! The narrator first introduced the background and history about the farm and soon they brought out different species of snakes and started showing how they handle snakes properly. The first one brought out of the cage was the largest venomous snake in the world.

venomous snake

The narrator was educating the audience with detailed information about the snake including its habit. All of sudden, the snake handler showed us how to catch this dangerous creature from the back. The movement was really really quick!

venomous snake

I couldn’t remember all these snakes names on the spot. Taking a such close look at all sorts of snakes and learning how these staff handle them was quite an experience. Check out the below photos of the show.

The interesting part of the entire Snake Handling show was that they let visitors handle snake too. Sounds scary right? It’s actually quite funny to see visitors’ reactions and facial expressions. :-P

The snake that visitors get to handle is this big yellow python.

yellow python

Don’t be scared by the size of the snake, the non-venomous yellow python actually has a really good temper. The last part of the show was the picture taking time. Many visitors including kids were interested in getting close to this beautiful snake. The staff gently put the snake around the visitor’s neck and gave enough time for photo taking.

yellow python

My mom was super excited for taking photos of other visitors with the python but she refused to go experience it herself at the beginning. Han and I encouraged her to try because it’s going to be an interesting memory. She sat there for a couple of seconds and firmly said,

“No! Even if you gave me 5000 dollars, I wouldn’t do it!”

We had no idea how on earth she came up with that number. Whatever! We didn’t want her to regret it for not getting down there having her own experience. The chances like this are not that many in life.

The persuasion kept going. She’s still on the fence at that point but not as determined as before. She finally agreed to go with me with the condition of not touching it. Fine! At least we were getting somewhere…

Here’s my mom standing beside me with her awkward freak-out pose but still trying to smile.

with the snake

mom with yellow python


You know what we were really proud of? We finally successfully convinced my mom to do it on her own. We were so proud that she conquered her fear and left the remarkable moment! (Mom! There’s really nothing to be afraid of!) After that, she couldn’t stop talking about it, with a very happy tone…:-)


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