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Chiang Mai Recommendations – Places To Check Out In The City

We have been to Chiang Mai twice and this time, we got my mom fall in love with this place! She did her math and started thinking to take her best friend and stay in Chiang Mai for 2 months each year in order to escape from Shanghai’s freezing cold and wet winter, especially because one-time Thailand visa for Chinese is valid for 60 days. This seems to be a pretty good idea!

There are some certain places we went to for the second time or even multiple times but still would definitely go back if we are in Chiang Mai again in the future. (I am sure we will be!) Let me just wrap up these places that we think it’s worth checking out either by yourself, with your friends or with your family.

Dental Care – Big Smile Dental Clinic 

You might have already heard that Thailand is a good place to take care of teeth problems. We have experienced it and it’s totally true. Two words as a comment – CHEAP and PROFESSIONAL!

Right before our previous trip to Chiang Mai, I actually made an appointment in Shanghai to clean my teeth after the trip. However, we had some extra time, plus we had heard so much good things about dental care in Thailand, so I decided to try it out and clean my teeth in Chiang Mai instead. It turned out that the decision was so right!

The dental clinic I went to is called Big Smile Dental Clinic, which is located in the old city of Chiang Mai. Here’s the location on Google Maps.

big smile dental clinic location

Total price of cleaning, scaling and polishing my teeth was 1000 baht. It’s a very affordable price as an international standard of treatment. In Shanghai, cleaning ONLY in a local hospital would cost me RMB300.00 which approximately equals to 1500 baht. You can do the comparison in your own country but I was completely SOLD! The first thing to do when we came back to Shanghai from our previous Chiang Mai trip was to cancel my dental appointment with the local Shanghai hospital.

Big Smile Dental Clinic Entrance

Clinic entrance

Inside the clinic – coffee and tea are available at the waiting area, plus they have free wifi too.

inside the clinic

This time, we took my mom to get the same treatment. All the dentists and staff in the clinic are young pretty ladies. I did not see a single male at that place. Anyways, they are gentle and caring. Most importantly, they are professionals!

Mom getting her teeth cleaned.

Mom getting her teeth cleaned

Couple of Good Restaurants in Night Bazaar

Mom shopping at Night BazaarIf you are physically in Chiang Mai, you are not going to miss out the Night Bazaar! That’s like a universal consensus! Period! :-P During the day that we were exploring Chiang Mai city last time, the Night Bazaar was one of our main stops. In fact, it had become our main stop every day ever since then for the rest of our Chiang Mai trip! No exception this time either.

Mom was happily shopping at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. —>

Night Bazaar Location on Google Maps

Night Bazaar location

Except for being a perfect place to buy souvenirs, cheap clothes, shoes, and Thailand local handicrafts and much much more stuff than you can think of, Night Bazaar also covers a couple of good restaurants.

Here’s the picture of the restaurant area during day time. At night, the entire place in front of the restaurants is fulfilled with street vendors and transformed into part of the night market.

A small number of restaurants inside the Night Bazaar during day time.

Restaurants in Night Bazaar

The restaurants we would like to recommend are the middle eastern restaurant called Al Hussain on the right where the scooter is in above picture and the two Thai restaurants next to it.

Al Hussain – legit middle eastern food

Al Hussain

We ordered Hummus, Tabouleh, Garlic Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, Mango Lassi – the entire meal was around 700 baht

Middle eastern food

Thai cuisine at TIRONUI Authentic Thai food right next to Al Hussain – Total price for 4 dishes is around 600 baht

thai cuisine

When the sun goes down, the lights in the night market go bright. Here’s the scene you will see while eating dinner at one of these restaurants inside the Night Bazaar -

Night Bazaar

Warorot Market

Unlike the Night Bazaar which is a touristy night market but still can not miss, Warorot market opens early in the morning and locals shop there. In this market, you can find a huge variety of dried food, cooking ingredients, dried fruit, fresh fruit, flowers, clothes and so on.

Location of Warorot Market

warorot market location

Must buy some fruit at the market. DIRT CHEAP!

Wax apple and… I don’t even know what the other fruit is called. Never seen it in my life. It tasted super super sweet…


If you are interested in cooking Thai food, this is THE PLACE to get all the ingredients. They are nicely packed into small bags for you to easily take back home.

Mom bought lots of ingredients and took them back to Shanghai after learning cooking Thai food in a cooking school.


Chez Marco, a popular Mediterranean restaurant on Loi Kroh Road

Loi Kroh Road is the center of Chiang Mai’s night life. We walked through this road so many times day and night because it leads to the night market and our hotel Mandala House back at our first trip in Chiang Mai was very very close to Loi Kroh road. Not that we are very into night life but we did discover a couple of cool spots on this famous road. The Mediterranean restaurant Chez Marco is one of them.

Location of Chez Marco

Chez Marco location

Chez Marco Restaurant and Bar does not serve lunch. If you want to eat inside of the restaurant, making a reservation is strongly recommended. Every time we passed by this restaurant, it’s always packed. One day we decided to eat there and luckily got a table at the patio. It turned out to be one of the best meal we had in Chiang Mai.

Front door of Chez Marco at night

Chez Marco

I have this thing about considering a place as good or bad by investigating the quality and design of their bathroom. I have to say that Chez Marco’s bathroom is by far the most impressive one that I have seen in Thailand. Can you imagine that this is a bathroom of a restaurant? It just feels too cozy…Well, I know it’s kinda weird to take photos inside of a bathroom. Check it out and you will understand me…

You agree with me now? Wait a second. Am I supposed to talk about food if I am recommending a restaurant? :-P OK! Let’s take a look -

The exact amount of above meal at Chez Marco was 980 baht. Great value of money for the delicious food, awesome service and….the bathroom! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Paper Piper

This is another amazing spot we found on Loi Kroh Road. Paper Piper is a unique boutique store which only sells products made from paper including umbrellas, lanterns, flowers, bookmarks, cards, stationery, notebooks, photo frames and lots of decorations. The owner of the store has a great taste of classical music. With the elegant background of music, seeing these cool paper made beautiful stuff was such a joyful experience.

Thinking about going to Chiang Mai? Be prepared to be surprised at plenty of little small details about this city and fall in love with it! :-)

Have been to Chiang Mai? What surprised you? What made you in love?

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