Koh Phi Phi

Fantastic 3 In 1 Tour

After four days experiencing nothing active in Phuket, the moment we set our feet on Koh Phi Phi island, we were fully ready for action!

Our boat arrived at Tonsai Pier at 10 am on time. We followed the hotel location map downloaded on my phone and headed directly to our hotel Phi Phi Chang Grand Resort.

Checked in, changed into swimming suits underneath T-shirts and shorts, grabbed a towel, put on some sun block and headed back out for lunch, just like how we planned.

We arrived at IBEX’s office a little after 1:30 pm. Louise explained the whole itinerary of Fantastic 3 in 1 tour to us in great detail before we paid 550 baht per person. Apparently, cliff climbing is an optional activity. The price is even lower if you decide not to do cliff jumping. You can just chill on the long tail boat watching. Trust me. It’s quite show to watch! The tour also includes 1-hour Maya beach visiting which is also Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. It’s additional 100 baht per person as admission fee. Nobody skips this. You will find out the reason very soon. :-)

stickerPeople started showing up. For those like us who wanted to go cliff jumping, we were required to sign a form before leaving the office. What’s this form all about? It’s basically saying that we were responsible for our own safety and lives if anything goes wrong during cliff jumping. And then they put a sticker on each of us. It’s like this ——>

See the red sticker on Han’s chest in above picture? That’s how they distinguish the people who do cliff jumping from who don’t.

All set. Time to roll. We were guided to the beach where there were tons of long tail boats at the shore. 3 of them were quickly stuffed by the people who attended this tour with IBEX. We don’t know the exact number but our guess would be around 60 people. If not, more!

Getting on the boat…

Getting on the boat

The tail of our boat (that’s the only boat I saw with this nice decorative patterns of flower on the tail)


Coco was on the same boat with us giving us introductions about the tour itinerary, about the islands and about himself as well. He speaks very fluent English and always laughs. He made the entire boat of people laugh with him. When he told us a story, at the end, he would talk to himself but loud enough to let everyone on the boat hear, “Same shit, different day, you know!” and then immediately bend over laughing loudly…

Coco Loco’s classic big smile


Cliff Jumping

I had never done cliff jumping in my life before. Neither had Han. We both were very excited and quickly put up the special shoes they provided. Coco made sure that everyone who’s about to cliff jump could swim fine and gave a thorough instruction on how to properly jump into the water before we got off the boat and swam to the bottom of the cliff.

The rocks were very very sharp, especially at the bottom part close to the sea water. Those robber shoes were super helpful for stepping on these rocks.

People started climbing up to the jumping point…

cliff jumping

The jumping point was a very small area sticking out of a rock at around 10 meters high from the ocean. (There are higher jumping points too.) It’s so small that one person could barely stand there and make any moves. Han was in front of me. He surgically moved up to the jumping point when it’s his turn and stood straight there looking down. Looked like he totally got this.

“Wait!” Coco shouted, “Don’t jump now. I bring you a life jacket then you jump, okay?”

“Sure, I will wait. Appreciate that!” Han made an “OK” gesture with his left hand towards Coco who’s grabbing a life jacket from the boat.

I wasn’t sure why Coco wanted to bring a life jacket to Han in particular at that time. Later Han told me that he was actually a little worried about swimming after jumping. Coco must thoughtfully notice it. That’s why.

Moving to the jumping point and get ready

cliff jumping

As for me, on the contrary, I wasn’t worried about swimming at all. I was a little worried about jumping. Through all these years of rock climbing and mountain climbing experience, I have discovered that I love the feeling of climbing up but it never occurred to me how much I dislike the feeling of going down until I was standing at the jumping point facing the ocean on the superstar island in Thailand. I found my legs were shaking as I was stepping onto the tiny small area…

I stood there telling myself to keep balance. The last thing I wanted at that moment was to lose balance and fall in the water from 10 meters high without any preparation! People on the boat were watching. People behind me were watching. The Irish girl who let everyone pass her and kept saying “I can’t f*cking do it!” was watching. Han was in the water waiting for me…

“All right, Sharon! You can do it!” There’s a voice in my head repeatedly encouraging myself. I remembered Han telling me to close my eyes before he jumped because we both wear contacts.

“1, 2, 3…” I tried very hard to squeeze my eyes, nose, mouth, everything on my face together and jumped! In the next couple of seconds, all I was thinking about was “Water, water, water, I want to be in the water right now. Why is this taking so long?” The next thing I know…

OUCH! My butt hurts…

cliff jumping

I think it must be because my form of jumping was weird, that’s why my butt hurt so much after hitting the water. I only told Han about it and planned on keeping my mouth shut because it’s embarrassing. After climbing back on the boat, we heard a conversation -

“That was fun, wasn’t it! How do you feel? My butt hurts!”

“Yeah, me too!”

I was so released when I found out that I wasn’t the only one who had this problem. If I put my legs together when I made that jump, it would be totally fine. In fact, my butt only hurt for a very short time. Soon it went back to normal. haha…

Now it’s time to go to the Monkey Beach…

Monkeys On The Beach

It was still tens of meters away before we arrived at this tiny little beach where monkeys live, they already appeared waiting. It’s obvious that they were expecting us. Precisely, they expect every single boat which stops by because they know that boat means food, even though there’s a clear sign on the cliff saying “Please do not feed the monkeys!”

The monkeys were waiting anxiously for us to get close.

Monkey Beach

Coco gave us some bread to feed the monkeys. Han refused to do so because feeding them is actually bad for them. I went ahead and fed them for the first time and also the last time.

Nice catch, monkey!

Monkey Beach

They were very focused on getting food from my hands and looked super happy. But that’s not always the case. I was teasing one by not giving the food directly to it. The monkey got angry at me and tried to slap me. Here’s how it looks -

Angry monkey scared me

Monkey Beach

Swimming and Snorkeling @ Pileh Lagoon

Pileh Lagoon

Pileh Lagoon

Han’s decent jump with snorkeling mask on


Beautiful fishes were all around me because Coco kept throwing bread onto my head!


Maya Bay – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park

Among all the beaches we have been to during this Thailand trip, Maya beach is by far the most beautiful one! We spent an hour in the National Park to fully enjoy everything this amazing place offers!

When we prepared to leave Maya Beach for BBQ dinner, the sun started going down. Our boat slowed down on the way to the private beach which gave us enough time to catch the gorgeous sunset!



Beach Party On Private Beach

It didn’t take long for our long tail boat to arrive at the private beach where the party was at. How private the beach is? Let’s take a look -

Going through this narrow entrance by boat

Private beach

Travis and Art were already inside preparing for the BBQ dinner. They had an electricity generator on the beach to support colored lights and music. The main lighting were torches on the wall which made the whole ambiance more mysterious.

Inside the beach looking back at the entrance

private beach

Party Animals

beach party

Alcohols were available at a temporarily set up bar surrounded by colored lights. Mixed drinks were served with a water bucket. 

alcohol bucket

Wanna get a glow tattoo?

Glow Tattoo

Dinner was finally ready. Thanks to Art and Travis! Ladies first! Yay! BBQ chicken, potato, vegetable salad with three different sauce alternatives. I ate 4 pieces of chicken, more than Han did. :-P I was hungry!!!

BBQ chicken

Beach, party, yummy food, drinks, music, interesting people and FIRESHOW! There was nothing more to ask! Travis, Art and Coco took turns to follow the music rhythm playing with the fire! The show totally hit the spot of the night!

For more fireshow videos, check out Louise Cilliers’s Youtube uploads here!

That’s it! 7 hours of Fantastic 3 in 1 tour with IBEX Climbing and Tours on our first day on Koh Phi Phi Island! See, I told you it’s EPIC! :-P

Deep Water Solo coming soon…..Wait for it! :-)

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