Phuket Is Fun For Only 2 Days – What’s Fun?

Let’s straight get down to business.

What funsies to do on the biggest island in Thailand? Let me show you -

Beach Hopping Via A Scooter

As there are so many different beaches on the west coast of Phuket, we decided to check out some of them.

It’s impossible to rent a bicycle in Phuket. We wanted to take the advantage of beach hopping to do some exercise since the food in Thailand was just irresistible and we were eating a lot every day. But bicycles were nowhere to be found whereas scooters were literally everywhere. In order to conveniently get around on the island, renting a scooter is probably the best way if you know how to ride one. Note that the traffic could be brutal during rush hour.

Scooter rental fee is around 200-250 baht per day. Original passport is required to be kept in the rental place until you return the scooter with full gasoline.

Got a scooter – ready to hit the road


There’s a little intense on Han’s face while riding the scooter because – 1. the left-side driving traffic rule in Thailand needed to be kept in mind; 2. traffic was pretty heavy especially during rush hour; 3. my legs were not long enough to reach the ground when I sit behind Han on the scooter (yes, I am tiny), so whenever he stopped for traffic lights, he had to balance his weight, my weight and the scooter’s weight by himself. When traveling in a different country, safety is always the priority!


Our beach hopping journey started from Patong Beach (A) and went all the way south to Rawai Beach. Here’s the route we took -

Beach hopping route

(B) Karon Beach

Karon beach

Karon beach 2

(C) Kata Beach

Kata beach

Kata beach 2

(D) Hat Nai Han Beach – Han’s favorite beach, not because the beach’s name has his name in it.

Hat Nai Han Beach

Han at Hat Nai Han Beach

Check out the video below to see a 360 degree sight of Hat Nai Han Beach.

(E) View Point 

view point

view point 2

(F) Rawai Beach

Rawai beach

Lunch at Nikita’s right next to Rawai beach



On the way back, we discovered that the very south end of Patong beach was pretty nice, especially with a lot less people. We parked the scooter and spent some relaxing time on this beach on our last day in Phuket…

South Patong


That’s one of the funsies to do in Phuket – bring extra towels from the hotel and go see different beaches. Find a favorite one to stay for a couple of hours to read, swim, get tanned, listen to the ocean, sip some tropical drinks or even take a nap on the beach – do whatever. Guess what Han was up to?

Han was watching how crabs were getting stuck into the rock gaps by being pushed by the waves and trying to save them.

saving crabs

Now let’s see what to do at night. Patong beach is renowned by its nightlife. There is a great reason behind it. We did pass by an outdoor area full of bar booths with heavy music. Bros were sitting around the booths talking, drinking and showing off their tattoos. Sometimes you will see a teenager being a bartender in the middle of a bar booth. But that’s not the nightlife we are talking about. What we are about to tell you is completely at a different level. In Phuket, whether you stay in Patong beach area or other beaches, what you should definitely go see and experience (once should be enough) is -

Soi Bangla (Bangla Road)

When the sun sets, Bangla Road, Patong beach’s craziest party zone becomes closed to traffic and ready for action. All I can say is that the craziness is beyond your imagination. This pedestrian road at night is packed with bars, restaurants, clubs, go-go bars, disco and shops. Soi Bangla is the reason for Patong Beach being so famous! Let’s take you into the area.

On Bangla Road – an absolute hub of nightlife in Phuket

Bangla Road

These girls (or maybe lady boys?) not only dance, but also STRIP. They attract the most attention from tourists in the entire area. I think I caught the left one’s boobs. Oops~



There was this scene in the middle of the sexy hot sweaty air which was so not fit but beautiful – a skinny old lady squatted on the side of the road selling flowers to a girl. The girl bought all her flowers so that the old lady could go home…


We walked from the beginning of the road to the end and video tapped everything. Check it out-

So if you look for things to do instead of lying on the beach every single day or staying in a very nice 5 star hotel with a private beach for a week, then we have something in common. :-) Find your favorite beach in Phuket by checking out all of them in person. You can totally do this via a scooter within a day. Go check out Bangla road at night and go back to the beach to chill or attend some water activities if you like on the next day. 2 days in Phuket is enough. Then it’s time to take the boat to go out for these smaller but amazing islands in Thailand.

How would you spend your 2 days in Phuket? Let us know in the comments.

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