Koh Phi Phi

The Epic Plan With IBEX Climbing & Tours

“What do you want to do on Koh Phi Phi island?” I laid on my stomach holding Nexus 7 and asked Han in our hotel room close to Patong beach in Phuket on a raining day. It was two days before we left for Koh Phi Phi island…

“I definitely want to do some snorkeling! How about you?” Han was on his Mac working. (He enjoys working everywhere. Computer and internet are his basic requirements wherever we go. This is the beauty of a tech guy’s world! haha…)

“Snorkeling for sure! I want to do some rock climbing too!” That’s when I started digging deeply into the things to do on Koh Phi Phi island since Phuket was not that fun and there’s nothing we could do when it’s raining. We were so looking forward to Koh Phi Phi island…

My mood was totally lightened up when I saw Deep Water Solo from IBEX Climbing and Tours. No rope, no harness, only rock climbing shoes; if you fall, you fall directly into the ocean! That’s exactly what I was looking for! I immediately showed Han my findings. “Great find! This looks very interesting! Awesome!”


Then we both fixed our gaze on another corner of the webpage where it says NEW TOUR in bold red at the same time… “Wait a second! What’s this?”

Cliff jumping, snorkeling, monkey beach, free BBQ dinner at a private beach, fireshow, night swimming with glow plankton…

Holy crap! WHAT IS THIS??? It couldn’t sound any better! That’s one of the tours that IBEX offers which is called Fantastic 3 In 1 Tour starting from 2 pm in the afternoon to 8 pm at night. I don’t know why it’s called 3 in 1, but it sounds like multiple in 1 to me!

“How much is it? How do we book it? Is it too late to book it now?” We were getting super excited at this point. The price for this tour was nowhere to be found, neither on IBEX’s website nor on these extremely positive reviews, and the BOOK NOW button on the top of their homepage led us directly to a contact page. OK then! I guess there’s only one way to find out…

I picked up the phone and called.

I was having a hard time to believe it when the guy on the other side of the phone told me the price. Here’s how it goes -

“Hi, I would like to book your Fantastic 3 in 1 tour for 2 for the day after tomorrow. Can I book it right now through the phone?”

“OK, you just come to our office before 1:30 pm the day after tomorrow. We will sign you up when you are here. You know our address, right?”

“Yeah, I guess, based on the map on the website…” At that moment, I was still living in the fantasy that they would come to our hotel and pick us up just like all the other tours we attended in Chiang Mai without realizing how small the island is…

“How much per person?” I kept talking.

“550 baht.”

“What? Sorry? Five hundred and fifty?” I thought I heard it wrong…


“Five five zero???” I still couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, five five zero!” The other side pronounced these numbers one by one very slowly with a strong Thai accent like I don’t understand English numbers.

Han and I looked at each other and blinked our eyes rapidly trying to figure out why this ridiculously attractive tour was so cheap. It is actually pretty obvious. They handle high volume on this tour which turns it into a genies business idea!

After the call, we came up with the epic plan for the last two days of our Thailand trip. The plan was -

  • Go attend the Fantastic 3 in 1 tour with IBEX in the afternoon the day we arrive (we arrive in the morning at 10 am according to the boat schedule).
  • If IBEX is good, sign up for Deep Water Solo for the next day. If it’s no good, go with the backup plan.
  • Backup plan – The Adventure Club

The epic plan turned into an EPIC journey! Fantastic 3 in 1 tour was truly FANTASTIC and Deep Water Solo rock climbing experience became something we will never get tired of talking about!

IBEX Climbing and Tour office. The woman with a V gesture in this picture is the manager whose name is Louise Cilliers. She speaks Thai!

Ibex office

Let me introduce you the awesome guides from IBEX who MADE OUR DAYS on Koh Phi Phi island here first!


Starting from the left to the right -

  • Coco, a very cheerful local dude likes to be called Coco Loco, who was our Fantastic 3 in 1 tour guide! He has the ability to make everyone around him happy with his unique big smile!
  • Captain Art, a laid-back local guy, who was with us for both days. He’s not only the cook at the BBQ dinner but also a great rock climbing and cliff jumping coach!
  • Mr. T (his name is Travis if I am correct but calling him Mr. T will not go wrong. :-P) is a very friendly big boy from California! According to himself, he had no money in his bank account when he came to Thailand but he made his way to become a great tour guide and also a skilled fireshow player!
  • Kit was our Deep Water Solo guide whose rock climbing skills are INSANE!

Stay tuned my friend! You do not want to miss out what’s coming next! :-)

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