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The Big Move With Big Thanks

The buildings in front of me are just as tall as the buildings in downtown Shanghai. The cranes on the construction field close by are slowly moving. They are still building the city… I can tell that the traffic is pretty good today by moving my sight slightly over to the right where I see the cars moving smoothly on the street, on the highway, on the Bay Bridge…


Sitting quietly on the ledge and observing everything including the blue sky outside of the window of our new apartment makes me realize that we are settled in a new city across the Pacific Ocean from Shanghai, China FOR REAL!

Our new life journey has started here, in San Francisco!

The Big Move

It happened on April 15, 2013, a normal Monday for everyone in China except for Han and I…We packed and got on the plane. Unlike any of our previous trips together, what we packed this time was not only the essential stuff for traveling, but our excitement of the new adventure, our vision for future, our emotions for leaving Shanghai, leaving our family and friends there in order to open a new chapter of our lives.

We moved from Shanghai, China to San Francisco, USA.

Why San Francisco?

Living in China was never Han’s long-term plan. We agreed that we would eventually go to the States side but we didn’t know when and where. During the time in Shanghai together, we met a lot of people from the West Coast. We constantly heard them talking about how amazing San Francisco was and how much we would love it. Since then, we had started to consider SF as an option.

The fact that SF is the core area for technology as it’s close to Silicon Valley made a huge affect during our decision making process as it’s definitely a better place for Han’s career despite of the fact that we would like to have the ability to work from anywhere so that we can continue to travel or live in different places. But hey, we could start from there.

Another big reason is that the public transportation in SF is relatively convenient compare to other cities in the States, so we do not necessarily have to drive. Having mutual friends in the city is very helpful as well and the gorgeous weather plus delicious food are absolutely icing on the cake. Last but not least, that 35% of the population is Asian probably doesn’t hurt.

Nothing was set concrete yet until I was informed of visa interview which was scheduled for early January, 2013, basically right after our Thailand trip.

A decision needed to be made…

After doing a substantial amount of research on San Francisco, we were confident that SF would be the right place for both Han and I. However, it’s a big decision. We needed to make sure. There was one last thing to do before putting our feet down, which was to physically check it out and do some preparations for moving. Han came to SF for a month in February and his feedback about the city was excellent.

Alright then, San Francisco it is! LET’S DO IT!

I received my visa in early March, so here we are!

Market St.

Market St.

Thank You!

The big move wouldn’t have happened without the solid support from our families and friends! We would like to say THANK YOU everyone for being extremely supportive for our decision of moving, for being incredibly helpful on everything during the whole process, most importantly, for being a part of our lives!!!

If you are reading this post, and you like what we do on this site, we would like to consider you as a regular reader, as a friend, as the engine for running this site and we THANK YOU for following us along. Hope to see you and hear from you often here! :-)

What’s Next?

We will be focusing on sharing our new experience in SF, in the States and travel tips for wherever we go, of course. We don’t know how long we are going to stay here yet but we do know we want to keep exploring new opportunities, new things, new places and embrace all the precious experiences that life may offer! So who knows? We will see! :-)

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