4-Day Tour

One Day In Las Vegas

If you are expecting to learn about the clubbing, shows, gambling life and stuff in Las Vegas in this post, we are going to disappoint you. But if you are interested in learning an uncommon side of this charming city, stick around please because we are going to show you what other funsies you can do for a day and a night.

We arrived in Las Vegas in the afternoon of the day before heading to Grand Canyon. When our tour guide was encouraging the group to go for a night tour in Las Vegas, we had decided to go look around on our own. For the first time visitor, we would recommend that you spare 2 -3 hours at night to walk along “The Strip” which is considered a scenic route. It’s the most stunning street in the world without a doubt.

Walk Around On The Strip At Night

Las Vegas Strip is approximately 4.2-mile (6.8 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South between Sahara Avenue as its North end and Russell Road as the South end.

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Closed to the south end of The Strip, Excalibur Hotel and Casino was our lodging arranged by the tour. There’s no wifi in the room because they want you to be out spending moneys. Instead of leaving our moneys on a gambling table, we had a great walk on The Strip. Let’s walk you through it towards north together…

The Strip At Night

The Strip The Strip The Strip The Strip The Strip The Strip The Strip The Strip

You don’t need to plan for anything for your first walk on The Strip. Just bring your camera and wear a pair of comfortable shoes. The dramatic architecture, the modernization of hotels, casinos, beautiful lights, and the people in costumes on the sidewalk of The Strip is going to keep you busy enough in absorbing its vitality.

If you do plan on experiencing the night life on in Vegas, don’t forget to bring some nice clothes and check out the dress codes at different venues.

Red Rock Canyon

We escaped from the 9-hour bus ride back to SF from Las Vegas on the last day of the tour. It was probably one of the greatest decision we had ever made. Renting a car from the airport and driving around in the city freely was way way better than sitting on the bus and being bored out of our mind!

Red Rock Canyon

It’s hard to believe that places like Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, which is full of natural beauty, exists just a few miles away from the bright lights of Las Vegas. It’s totally refreshing and offers you a new perspective of Vegas. If you want to get away from the parties, Red Rock Canyon is a great place to get some fresh air.

Click the image below to see the location of Red Rock Canyon in Google Maps.

Red Rock Location

Red Rock Canyon is an area of world wide geologic interest, which encompasses 195,819 acres within the Mojave Desert. As soon as we entered the area, we were amazed by the rock formations, natural beauty, and the vivid colors of the rocks. The forces of nature that formed such a visual display have taken millions of  years to create the masterpiece.

Red Rock Canyon

Driving in the area by following Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive was such a relaxing thing to do. By not exceeding the maximum speed limit on the 13-mile Scenic Drive, which is 35 mph, we were able to not only enjoy the spectacular scenery but also make stops anywhere we wanted.

Red Rock Map

Each view point in the area is like a separate small national park. As soon as we set our feet on the rocks, we couldn’t help going deep between the rocks by climbing down and up. The climbing wasn’t hard at all. Our folks followed us and enjoyed themselves so much that it became a surprisingly awesome ending of the 4-day tour. That only cost us 7 dollars as a full day admission fee.

Other than driving, rock climbing and hiking are another two great things to do in Red Rock Canyon Conservation. Or you can do this -

Red Rock Canyon

Here you have it – our entire experience of the first trip outside of San Francisco in the States. Despite of the long-hour bus ride, we clearly had a little taste of each of these great destinations. The imperfection of the trip only left us good reasons to go back…

Until next time.

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