New Orleans, LA

The Southern Beauty – New Orleans

I was running in a circle with a bubble wand in my hand, facing the sky and trying to get the bubbles go as high as possible. I saw green grass through one bubble; blue sky through another; a soccer ball through the one drifting towards soccer field… then all of sudden, they all disappeared in the air. I kept running. I was too busy to care that my shoulders were burning because of the sun.

Suzanne in Annunciation Square

Finally I got tired of being a seven-year-old little girl. I went back to the shade to join Suzanne in watching the boys playing basketball on the other side of this massive green space surrounded by city streets.

“How are you girls doing?”

A steady and deep voice with strong southern accent came from the back. We turned around immediately, wondering who was talking to us when all the guys we know were working up a sweat on the basketball field at the same time.

He was a middle-aged man, a total stranger with big smile on his face. He’s clearly on his way to somewhere he needed to be because he made no attempt to stop at all when he’s quickly passing by. It took us a few seconds to realize that he was just greeting us on this beautiful day. By the time we smiled back and responded to him, he was already 15 feet away from us, but still had his warm smile on his face.

Suzanne and I looked at each other. “Wow, New Orleans!” We were surprised because people greeting us from the back doesn’t really happen either in Valle de Bravo, Mexico where Suzanne lives or in San Francisco where I currently reside. The southern hospitality was amazing!

New Orleans

Wondering how was New Orleans? After our 5-day business trip/vacation there, live and artistic are the most suitable words for describing this city.

Before we dive in our usual recommendations and funsies, allow me to introduce the people we were traveling with as well as a little background of this trip.

It was a business trip for the boys from NoHatMedia , an SEO company with Han handling the technology in a team of four. The other three ninjas are Hayden, Scott and Phil. PubCon, the social media and optimization conference and expo, brought them to New Orleans. As the significant others of the ninjas, we wives took the advantage to have a little break from our busy lives.

All right then. Let’s start exploring the southern beauty – New Orleans!

The Southern Hospitality

Be prepared for the cute and unique southern accent when you are in New Orleans. People are extremely friendly. At the end of the day, you will realize that you have talked with a handful of people on the street and that nice smile is still on your face.

Taxi drivers like to hand you their name cards. If you ever need a ride, just call.

Places To Go

Love art, handcraft, and music? Then open your eyes. New Orleans has got those all covered.

  • New Orleans Glassworks and Printmaking Studio – this is a non-profit school that teaches you how to make glass from scratch. The front door takes you into their gallery store where thousands of handcrafted glass works are presented. (Unfortunately, photograph is not allowed.) Make sure you go all the way to the back of store to watch how exactly a glass is made. That’s some mind-blowing stuff. Highly recommended. In the meantime, go watch this video on their site to see how cool it is!

New Orleans Glassworks and Printmaking Studio

  • French Quarter – a must visit area including dining, nightlife, attractions, events and shopping.
  • French Market –  located at the northeast corner of the French Quarter, is an open-air-market since 1791. Touristy but interesting.

French Market

  • Bourbon Street - a famous & historic street that spans the length of the French Quarter. It’s known as the cultural hub of New Orleans. Get lost in this area fulfilled with live music bars, outdoor patios, art stores, street musics and good food.

Art in New Orleans

  • Annunciation Square - Have time to play some sports? This field is perfect for basketball, soccer, or maybe bubble wand?! :P

Annunciation Square

Must-go Restaurants

  • Carmo – This place has the most UNIQUE food and drinks that I had never had before. Definitely try their daily specials please. We went there twice – once for lunch, once for dinner. Both times’ experience were excellent! If you are with a group of people, I highly recommend you to order all their desserts and share. Don’t worry, they only charge $3 – $6 for one dessert! In addition, this restaurant is located on Julia Street, on which there are a lot of cool stuff such as art galleries, children’s museum, and really good cafes. Go for a walk after eating at Carmo.


  • Desire Oyster Bar & Restaurant –  Oysters!!! You must order them. Their oysters are so fat that it requires at least 2 bites to finish one. If you like cooked oysters, order Broiled Oysters with Parmesan, Garlic and Butter. So good!! Everything else on the menu are quite satisfying as well!

Desire Oyster Bar and Restaurant

Broiled Oysters

  • Cochon Butcher - Please note there are two Cochons in New Orleans. One is Cochon Restaurant and the other one is Cochon Butcher. The former is a bit pricey and the latter is on the casual end. Cochon is a French word for pork. So you know what to order there.

Cochon Restaurant

Things To Do

  • EAT – You are in heaven, my friend! Crawfishes, jambalayas, oysters, alligators, southern pork ribs, all sorts of seafood, and Cajun cuisine. Don’t miss out.


  • Appreciate Art – Go walk around Bourbon Street. You will find enormous of impressive artworks by famous or infamous artists from all over the world.

Art Store on Bourbon Street

  • Listen To Live Music – Other then the live music in the bars and restaurants, I especially enjoyed the street music in New Orleans. Players dress nicely and very talented. Just stop and listen. You will be amazed.

Street Music

  • Swamp Tour – we didn’t make it, which left the trip imperfect and caused high desire of going back.

  That’s pretty much it about our trip to New Orleans. Hope you find the information in this post useful. Talk to you soon!

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