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Hi there! Welcome to Worldly Travelers Guide! We are Han and Sharon, a couple of enthusiastic travelers or maybe a couple of travel addicts who can not and will not stop traveling. The question is who isn’t? That’s why we would like to share about our journeys with you through this blog by documenting everything happens on our trips including travel tips, our own experience (good and bad), stories, recommendations etc in the form of articles, pictures, videos and more!

Han and Sharon (Mario version)Our goal is to -

  • Provide ideas of where to go for your next destination.
  • Save your time on planning and finding what to do on your trip.
  • Let you know what to expect and what not to expect before you take off.
  • Make you smile or want to try what we experienced by sharing our travel stories with you regularly.
  • Cover WHATEVER you are looking for from Worldly Travelers Guide.

In order to meet the goal of creating the ultimate travel guide for you, we want to hear from you about how exactly you would like Worldly Travelers Guide to help you with making your travel easier and more relaxing. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts or leave a comment at the end of the posts. We love comments! :-)

Have a nice day!

~ Han & Sharon, spreading our greetings from Shanghai, China on November 2, 2012

A Little More About Han

Born in Taipei City but grew up in the States, Han went to Boston University to study Computer Science. Yup! You could totally consider him as a ‘banana’.

As a Software Engineer, he is always grateful for how lucky he is to make a living of doing what he loves and to happen to be in the industry where talents are continuously on high demand pretty much all over the world. However, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit are the two most important words on top of his dictionary. There are always business ideas, ways of execution, testing, pivoting in his mind not only for himself but for friends.

Not thinking or touching his computer for 2 days will literally drive him crazy as if he would become unintelligent. That’s why no matter where we go, computers can never be erased from our packing list. As a result, hotels without wifi in the room usually will not be considered.

Han was working at Chiang Mai Railway Station with his best friend (the computer) and his favorite fruit milkshake – blueberry.

Han working on the trip

“Han, I got some feedback from my readers about our travel blog. Most of them said that it’s a little slow to load the site.”

“Hmmm…we should do something about it. OK, I will write a script to optimize the photos on the site. Make sure you do manual optimization for those images as the homepage slider.”

This was one of the standard conversations we had about this site you are looking at right now. Basically, in terms of backend technology, whenever I encounter a problem with the site, Han is the one who solves it. He is the best!

A Little More About Me – Sharon

Well, it’s always not easy to write something about myself. Let me start with the easy and obvious part – my role for our travel blog is to document everything on our trips with my little notebook, DSLR and point-and-shoot, to research, organize, and summarize useful information as articles with images and videos in order to share with you on this site.

Yup, I am the blogger here. You might have noticed that my English is not native. Where am I from? Here’s a little something about me.

I was born in Shanghai, China. Other than spending a couple of years in Gansu Province (northwestern China) where my father is from during my childhood, I basically grew up in Shanghai. Majored in International Economics and Trade. After graduation, I had no idea I would end up being a retail consultant and working at one of the top 5 international commercial real estate companies for a long time (longer than I thought it would be). The fact that the job did require lots of traveling plus that I am a big fan of hiking and mountain climbing led me to many places in China.

Rock climbing on my favorite route at The Sports Loft in Shanghai

Sharon rock climbing

Travel, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, badminton, reading, cooking, learning English and keeping my mind open for new adventures are what I love to do. What else I love? I don’t know yet. I am looking into it. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get, right?

A Little More About Us

“How did you guys meet?” I totally see that one coming…

Han went to Shanghai from Boston in June 2010 to visit his cousin Stacie and also to help out with her family business at that time. Besides, according to him, it was also a good chance for him to have some experience in mainland China since his parents forced him to speak mandarin at home when he was a kid. So he flew all the way from this side of the world to the other and started his experience in Shanghai.

In late October 2010, it was almost right after I went back to Shanghai from a three-week Tibet trip, I got invited to a Halloween house party by my rock climbing buddy Lyman who’s invited by Han. By the way, the boys met through a pub crawl. (It is actually pretty easy to meet people all over the world in Shanghai.) We all showed up at the party and that’s how we met.

The rest of the story is fairly simple and easy. Han stayed in Shanghai for longer than he originally planned and we decided to live plus travel to different places together.

Our current location is changed from Shanghai to San Francisco, a new city for both of us to explore, to feel, to experience and most importantly, to share with you!

We are not sure how long we are going to stay here yet. However, no matter where we stay, we will continue to fulfill our life with traveling. Our goal for this website remains no change, so if you have any suggestions, questions, or just wanna stop by and say hi, simply contact us here or leave a comment on any of the posts. We will get back to you soon!

All right! Off to enjoy the unique characteristics San Francisco holds. Talk to you back in our blog!

~ Han & Sharon

Edited under the sun of San Francisco on April 30, 2013

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